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At Odyssey Health & Wellbeing, we aspire to connect with men & women who are experiencing anxiety & depression, PTSD, chronic stress & fatigue, food intolerance and digestive issues,  pelvic floor dysfunction, pregnancy, post-partum & women's health concerns; supporting them on their journey to restoring health, wellness & vitality to body and mind.

As a valued client, you can expect an individualised approach utilising a combination of modalities that address the root cause of symptoms, resulting in optimal & long-lasting outcomes for your health and wellbeing concerns.

Multiple therapies and techniques may be used during your session or program for a truly holistic approach focused on your individual needs. These could include Kinesiology, TRTP (The Richard's Trauma Process), JAWREST, Flower Essence Therapy and more.

Skype/Zoom sessions available for remote and international clients where suitable.



- Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP)

- TRTP Practitioner (The Richard’s Trauma Process)

- Hyperton-X Sports Kinesiologist

- Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

- Registered member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT)

- Supplementary qualifications in advance dermal therapies, flower essence therapy, health & safety and paramedical science


Tracey is an Advanced Kinesiology Practitioner, TRTP Therapist (The Richard’s Trauma Process) and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies (IICT). Dedicated to facilitating positive change and healing for her clients to restore their health and lives back to balance, Tracey aspires to provide a compassionate, supportive and individualised approach allowing clients to feel safe, connected and valued. With the belief that identifying the root cause of symptoms and addressing the associated stress (whether physical, biochemical, emotional or mental), is the key to reclaiming health and long term wellness, Tracey is committed to using her skills, knowledge, experience and intuition in guiding clients on their odyssey to optimal health and wellbeing.

Tracey's journey towards health and wellbeing began during her time as a Paramedic and recognising that there was a "gap" in mainstream medicine. The common approach she observed of simply treating and managing symptoms of disease and illness with medication, without also addressing the underlying cause, was what sparked her passion to learn more about how to heal the human body and mind. Aspiring to focus on preventing disease and addressing the root cause, rather than just management of symptoms, she began to explore and study multiple avenues of complementary medicine.

Tracey can genuinely empathise and relate with her clients suffering from many of the issues she specialises in, after her own journey of navigating adverse and challenging life experiences; including the death of her father in early adult life, a career in the military & Paramedic roles, the traumatic birth of her first child, the effects of a dysfunctional family system, and navigating motherhood without family support or connection. Tracey’s pursuit to heal both physically & emotionally has allowed her to move through these challenges and create an enriched life, free from the effects of the negative life experiences that were once holding her back.

Note: Tracey supports the use of mainstream medicine when required and believes that in the event that a patient is under the care of a medical practitioner or when a life-threatening illness is present, alternative therapies are there to complement a treatment plan and not replace it.


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Aspiring to support and guide you on your journey to restoring health, wellness & vitality to body and mind. Whether you are experiencing anxiety & depression, chronic stress & fatigue, pelvic floor dysfunction, antenatal/pregnancy/postnatal health concerns or digestive issues.